Coins or Cards: Which Is Best for a Laundromat?

Posted on May 12th 2018

As a laundromat owner, you are probably no stranger to the hassle of coins. Of course, collecting them is time consuming, and dirty coins can cause the coin drop to malfunction. In addition, thieves can get away with hundreds of dollars worth of quarters in the night. With all of the negatives of coin-operated laundromats, upgrading to a card-only laundromat can be tempting. However, there are pros and cons to both types of payment methods. Coins or cards: which is best for a laundromat? Keep reading to find out. Read More

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Should Your Laundromat Be Open 24/7?

Posted on April 6th 2018

Should your laundromat be open 24/7? In today's 24-hour world, it's not unusual for big-box stores, gyms, convenience stores, laundromats, and other establishments to be open around the clock. How do you decide if your laundromat should offer regularly scheduled operating hours or follow in the footsteps of places that are always open? Read More

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How to Value a Laundromat

Posted on March 22nd 2018

Appraising a house to determine its value involves looking to see what similar properties in the same area sold for in recent real estate transactions. Determining the value of a laundromat is a bit more complicated. If you're wondering how to value a laundromat, here's what you need to know. Read More

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Tips for Buying a Laundromat

Posted on February 23rd 2018

If you want to own your own business, a laundromat can be an intriguing option. After all, it's a recession-proof choice that can bring a steady income with relatively little day-to-day demands. It also allows you the freedom to put your own personal stamp on your business since the kind of conformity that franchises tend to require is rarely an issue. Whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur looking for your first commercial success or a veteran businessperson ready to add to your empire, you will want to keep these tips for buying a laundromat in mind. Read More

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How to Keep Your Laundromat Clean

Posted on January 24th 2018

An American Coin-Op Wire survey asked laundromat operators to name the first quality that came to their mind when asked to describe a great laundry. Some 55 percent cited cleanliness, and it seems that their instincts are incredibly accurate. According to the American Coin Laundry Association, more than 80 percent of customers say that cleanliness is a major factor when they are selecting a laundromat to patronize. Clearly, if you plan to run a successful operation, determining how to keep your laundromat clean has to be a top priority. Read More

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